A horoscope once told me I ‘have an affinity for nature,’ and I often steal that phrase to describe myself. I grew up forcing my three younger siblings to watch Animal Planet constantly, play ‘The Animal Game’ (which I always won, of course), and dreaming I would one day grow up to have my own Kratts’ Creatures show.

After dissecting a frog in biology, I quickly realized it wasn’t the physical I was interested in. What I did love was observing nature - how everything interacted, and why animals and plants acted and reacted in various ways.

My observations of nature haven’t stopped (it’s not that I’m a bad driver per se, I’m just easily distracted by what’s growing, flapping, and hopping outside the window). I love to apply those finely tuned observational skills to figuring out why people do the things they do, and persuading brands why that matters.

Ask me:

  1. What celebrity I met when I was representing a meat company.

  2. Where there’s good music tonight.

  3. About the time I failed my high school art show.