What if a brand that existed primarily in the digital space went analog?


Airbnb has over 4 million listings online, more than 3x the available accommodations of Marriott International. However, only 10% of them are being used for business travel, while 30% of all travel occurs for business.


Within business travelers, those just starting out in their careers aren’t quite able to take advantage of all the perks their more senior coworkers enjoy. The airline miles status, the platinum card access to lounges away from the bustle of the main airport floor - those perks are one of the things that make it feel like you’re a Very Important Person.


Create a space for these young business travelers by offering a lounge that isn’t restricted to those that have exclusive access.

Strategic Thinking

People are blurring the lines between business and leisure travel. 1 in 5 business travelers are adding on a day or two here and there to make their travel aspirations happen. Young people in particular are taking advantage of this: they feel uncomfortable taking time off for some big lengthy trip, and are using their business travel to achieve their travel goals (in fact, 47% of people between the ages of 24-34 said making time for travel was more important than improving relationships, buying a big ticket item, and having a child).

But, these younger travelers aren’t able to enjoy the perks that take years of traveling regularly to accrue. They shared that their business trips are full of added stress from things like overcrowded waiting areas, uncomfortable seating, and a lack of wall plugs with space for to get work done.


Airport travelers feel overwhelmed by the chaos of the journey.


Create an oasis within the airport for all travelers.

Bringing it to life

We created the AirBnb Cloud Lounge. The Cloud Lounge features amenities like meeting rooms, a bar area, sleep pods, plush seating, and showers for weary travelers, all offered at a la carte pricing. We selected our first test location in one of the busiest airports in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. Each lounge would feature localized art and interior design, complete with “hosts” knowledgeable about the area. The Cloud Lounge creates an open, inviting space that is not exclusive to those who have a certain type of credit card. While targeted to young business professionals, with Airbnb’s mission “belong anywhere” in mind, it’s open to any traveler.

How it changes the brand

By honing in on those who are blending the business and travel experience, we build trust as a brand that can serve for business as well as leisure. If travel is more about the journey than the destination, we aim to make it that much more enjoyable - no matter the purpose.

What I Did

Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Target Identification, Strategy Development, Layout Design & Aesthetic Development.

Final renderings by Joelle Halle (Experience Designer)


Paul Atienza (Creative Brand Manager)
Zach Brown (Creative Brand Manager)
Rachel Street (Creative Brand Manager)