Developing a challenger brand.


How can Lyft become a formidable opponent to Uber in the on-demand ride market?


There’s no loyalty within the ridehailing app space. Drivers and users switch from app to app based on best available price and who will get to them the fastest.


Offer users more value than a cheap ride. Choosing Lyft means they’re part of a community that helps them explore the world around them.

Strategic Thinking

Through man on the street interviews, our own survey, and Pew Research survey, a hierarchy emerged to consumer considerations when choosing an on-demand ride company.

Although Lyft has a reputation for treating their drivers better than Uber, the number one consideration for consumers when choosing between them is convenience and price.

There is a cultural shift in that Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer optional. Consumers value transparency, social impact, and sustainability more than ever. People want to belong and be connected to something bigger than themselves.

Overall, consumers have less personal connection with on-demand ride apps because they are seen as programs rather than companies whereas drivers were seen as independent contractors instead of employees.

Key findings

We have to compete beyond price and convenience

Company values don’t matter so individuals are selecting based on price and convenience.

We have to stand for something bigger

Be seen as a company, connect with and create the customer’s experience.



Evolve beyond ridehailing to an experiential platform that inspires connection and community.

How It Works: Community Platform

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 2.51.18 PM.png

Allow users to explore hot spots in their area.

1. HAIL A RIDE - Primary CTA is still to order a ride

2. MEET PEOPLE - Select your interests and find Meetup groups that align.

3. EVENTS NEAR ME - Submit events, find events - volunteer opportunities, Lyft’s current running partnerships; add events to the calendar and share events with friends.

4. EXPLORE - Curated lists from Lyft, special interest tours (peer-to-peer) like breweries, street art, etc. 

Rather than continuing to compete with Uber on price & convenience, this allows Lyft to become a community platform. By elevating the community aspect of Lyft, we create more value for users, providing ways for people to connect beyond the confines of a car.

How It Works: New City tours

Lyft tour by a trained city ambassador to introduce new-comers to city sights. 

If a user completes a ride from an airport, they receive a special offer to book a tour of the city.


  • LyftLook - 2 hrs of photo ops, hotspots, etc.

  • LyftLearn - 4 hrs of photo ops, hotspots, historic sites/landmarks, etc.

Specially trained “city ambassadors” know the lay of the land, and can provide valuable recommendations. The experience is followed up by a “hot list” of top 3 restaurants, activities, events happening in town.


We know 81% of riders are using ridehailing when traveling to a new city,
and often their chatty drivers will share what they know and love about the city,

This allows Lyft to become an expert source for travel with upbeat tour guides,
and become a travel leader with more personalized recommendations.

How It Changes Lyft

From price and convenience to community value.

From a generic offering to a personalized experience.

From transportation company to a community connector.

The Team

Hannah Barr (Strategist)
Kate Fallon (Strategist)
Chorong Kim (Strategist)

What I did

Survey design, driver interviews, category research and competitive analysis, strategy development, execution development.